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The site won’t let me attach the flyer so the info is below. I help out with the business end of the house for this company.

Course is developed and taught by a recently retired TG who is not only insanely talented at the skill, but also an amazing instructor. He started Weathered Security last year and has been teaching GOV, MIL and LE personnel.

This is not a Digital Hunting course for finding bad-guys, this is a no-shit defend yourself and family members from targeted or ad-hoc electronic/digital surveillance and follow on attacks. From my perspective the beauty of this course is two-fold: He can take fairly technical subject matter and relate it to those with little or no understanding of the tech realm and since he uses live demonstration and practical hands-on, students come out of the course confident in their ability to execute the TTP’s.

Everything demonstrated via hardware or software is either free or extremely low cost so there are no expensive programs, equipment or licensing issues involved in the functional use of what is taught.

If interested, email the link or PM me. AAR’s from other units/entities are available upon request.

The Digital Operators Course is designed to make clients aware of how they can be electronically hunted and targeted by criminal/terrorist elements. Students learn techniques through classroom instruction and practical demonstrations about electronic signature relating to the conduct of surveillance, counter-surveillance, and intelligence operations along with cyber-hygiene techniques in the daily use of personal electronic devices, wireless networks and the Internet.

Terrorist organizations have stated they intend to utilize social media to target military members and their families at home and abroad. While military members do receive cyber training, it is short of what is necessary to protect them from this targeted threat.

Weathered Security’s unique approach to instruction is acting in the capacity of the adversary showing students how simple it is for terrorist and criminal groups to identify and track them from their electronic signature.
The DOC course teaches how to DEFEND against these threats.

Digital Operators Course Topics

  • Recognize important facets of electronic signature.
  •  Recognize commercially available electronic signature methods.
  •  Understand the purpose and capability of Software Defined Radio in signal detection.
  •  Understand the purpose and capability of Spectrum Analysis.
  •  Understand protocols for encrypted text/email communications and device encryption.
  •  Properly utilize electronic vaults and recover and delete information.
  •  Develop pre/post operations checklists to screen team equipment for electronic signature.
  •  Understand TOR network purpose and function.
  •  Understand exploitable signature of personal electronics.
  •  Understand proper password development and file deletion.
  •  Understand proper digital scrubbing of documents to prevent recovery.
  •  Understand proper wireless router set up.
  •  Understand how to properly defend against current electronic threats.
  •  Conduct secure encrypted communication in an urban/rural environment presenting minimal electronic signature.
  •  Understand principles to safely navigate/facilitate public WIFI without compromise of personal or government equipment.
  •  Understand safe procedures for charging, using, and syncing electronic devices while traveling.
  •  Conduct situation based practical exercises out in town in order test understanding and application of learned techniques.

2016 Course Dates
29 February-04 March
02-06 May
11-15 July
10-15 October

$3500.00 per student

Included in price of course are:
Paperback edition “Personal Digital Security” by Michael Bazzell
Weathered Security Course Book
Linux based 8GB Flash Drive.

Classes will be held in Virginia Beach, Va.

Class sizes are limited to (10) students, email now to reserve a seat!

Course only open to U.S. Government, Military and Law Enforcement.Validated security professionals will be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
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