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Old 25 August 2016, 21:19
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The Future of PSYOP

I often find myself digging through information on the webs about the PSYOP community world wide and how it is doing. Majority of the time I find some links about some random leaflet drop or PSYACT somewhere throughout the world. That, or I will find links about other countries using PSYOP or examples of PSYOP, what could be taken as PSYOP, or what failed as PSYOP. Then, I occasionally find information on the purpose of PSYOP, is it actually useful? Where is the data and MOE's supporting PSYOP's role in the past 15 years. A lot of arguments go back to larger conflicts which concluded with more force on force battles, instead of this more asymmetrical environment we find ourselves in now.

So, once again this forces me to ponder upon PSYOP, it's role, and it's effectiveness. Do not get me wrong, I love PSYOP to death, and I absolutely believe it has a place. But what is the underlying issue with PSYOP, the community, and its ability (or lack there of) to truly produce rock solid quantifiable data for its work on the battlefield.

I am a history nut for PSYOP, I study it way more than I should, and I know our community history like the back of my hand from first hand experience, primary, and even secondary sources. Throughout history PSYOP has done GREAT things, however, in the past decade or so, though we personally feel we are making an impact in our AO's and AOI's, it is not noted.

Is it time for PSYOP to shift fire? It seems that following every major war or few decades PSYOP evolves. Aside from our nasty divorce in 2006 between the AC/RC components, and our god awful (failed) name change to MISO soup, we have not done a whole lot of evolving. If you check history, the U.S. Military PSYWAR/PSYOP etc... has changed at a pretty noticeable rate from WWI-WWII-Korea-Viet Nam, to the Gulf, and sense has been rather stagnate.

Our current environment is ever changing and quickly evolving, I personally fear, that unless the PSYOP community evolves quickly and expands our horizons we will quickly fall to the side and dwindle as other communities lay claim to our jobs. "But hey only we can do PSYOP" - that can easily become changed in the blink of an eye with a new approval process.

With that change, what comes? Is there actually a need? What do you suggest?
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