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Old 13 June 2019, 21:25
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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
Kind of like what happened with 1st Group in the late ‘80s. A murder, made to look like an accident, of a non-playing team member to try and cover up gun and drug running for the Yakuza.
No beef with you.

I don't want to derail the threat but those fake stories continue to haunt. I had PCSed Oki prior to the events in the linked stories, but I do have some first hand knowledge.
The allegations of drugs and weapons were just that - allegations. In fact, they were disproven.
The picture of the SGM and the powder was a picture of a truck on the old "ajnomoto trail and the contents of the truck was just that, MSG.
The hidden compartments in the footlockers were used to bring jewelry back from Thailand to Oki and the traces of white powder in the compartment was tested and found to be Tide detergent.
There was a very bad event with ord that wasn't turned in, kept in a wall locker and resulted in the death of a good soldier (RIP). But it wasn't arms dealing and smuggling.
As to he conspiracy to commit murder: The SGM on the recording w/ the "hit man" (actually, an informant) is clearly heard to withdraw and cancel the murder plot. While he was nevertheless convicted, the conviction was overturned on appeal and he was not re-tried.

Google the name: James Bonard Fowler (former Alabama state trooper).
After the trial it was learned that Fowler himself was the drug smuggler and he had attempted to work of the charges by informing for the DEA, who in turn, gave the recording Fowler made to the Army. Fowler was pretty well discredited and eventually tried by the Thais and ended up doing 5 years in Thai prison for drug smuggling. Had Fowler been caught in actual possession of the drug package he likely would have faced the death penalty. Ultimately Fowler was also convicted of civil rights crimes in the US.

I will get off my soapbox. But the "journalists" and the politicians do what they always seem to do, paint us in the worst possible light. They never come back and correct the record.


Again c, nothing against you. v/r p
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Old 14 June 2019, 05:24
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I did not know that.
I was in Panama when all that went down and all we heard was the bad press, then nothing.
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