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Old 10 June 2017, 13:58
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Law Enforcement Resume Service

I seem to remember seeing a thread or post within another thread listing some resume writing services specifically for law enforcement. I know Silverbullet has offered writing service in the past, though this was a few people specifically writing for Federal law enforcement. I can't find it now, but have a good friend who is in need of some rewriting help and wants to use a service.

Anyone know of a good place to try? He's been applying to Federal LE gigs and not getting the response I believe he should. At this point we're wondering if its how he's written up his experience.

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Old 10 June 2017, 15:56
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They have a form to use or a specific format for the resume. Its been a while since I wrote a federal resume, but I am glad to take a look at it.
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Old 10 June 2017, 17:07
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I have used Career Pro Plus in the past. It's not cheap, but they did a good job IMO. The USAJobs CV that they built is about 8 pages long. WAY longer than I would've ever thought necessary, but according to them that's how it's supposed to be. It's a matter of hitting key words and hitting them multiple times.
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Old 10 June 2017, 23:51
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TFG - he's mostly going through USAJobs, so they have their form. I mean, its not rocket science, so has to be the combo of tons of qualified vets, not enough open positions and possibly a poorly constructed resume. I've gone over it before and it looks ok to me, but still he's coming up negative with interviews from referrals. He's overqualified for a lot of stuff, but lacks LE experience. Honestly that's probably another issue.

Maverick - thanks for the lead. I send him that site to check out.
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Old 11 June 2017, 09:27
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What agency is he trying for? As it depends on which one if they will even look at him without LE! As as of late the US Marshal service has been doing a lot of hiring from local agencies they work with! They started doing this a few years ago as they could then hire a known person who is knowledgeable on their mission and SOP. A few friends from my last agency were asked to apply and hired away fairly quickly by them.

As for the others he is most likely missing the keywords. A lot of USAJobs ads have keywords which repeat throughout the ad and the software looks for those words. Before I retired I sat on the hiring board for DAFP at my base and we would see people who are over qualified not even make it to us as they missed the keywords.
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