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Old 30 January 2019, 12:44
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Originally Posted by BionicDamien View Post
If anyone doesn't already know Cass did an interview with Don Shipley on YouTube some time back, I remember just stumbling upon it. Really neat. RIP Cass.
Would love a link if you have one.

RIP Frogman. Giant among men.
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Old 30 January 2019, 13:01
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Originally Posted by DC View Post

Would love a link if you have one.

RIP Frogman. Giant among men.
Here ya go:
"If you force me to do violence, I shall be so savage and so cruel, and hurt you so badly that the thought of revenge shall never cross your mind" --Machiavelli

"Oderint, dum metuant" ("Let them hate, so long as they fear") - Caligula

"Those that know don't talk and those that talk don't know."
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Old 23 February 2019, 13:28
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Thanks for that YouTube link.
In the latter years of his life, Mr G was gracious enough to allow me to stop in and have short visits during various of my professional meanderings up and down the West Coast for whatever job or another. He was a good man and I was blessed to have known him.
Hearing that interview brought a lot of emotional and nostalgic grins to my face.
Continue to Rest in Peace, Mr Garrett
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Old 3 July 2019, 23:23
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Keep resting in peace, Cass. You are not forgotten.

I always thought that there was no coincidence that you chose to leave us on this date.
Dodge This!
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Old 4 July 2019, 07:51
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He's missed.
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Old 4 July 2019, 10:35
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RIP Cass! Crazy how fast time flies.
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Old 4 July 2019, 13:10
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May you continue to Rest In Peace, Cass. You have not been forgotten brother....
The older I get, the less I care about people's feelings. You either like me or you don't. Simple as that.
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