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Old 14 July 2019, 16:32
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Originally Posted by Mingo Kane View Post
Man...I've been in some pretty hot places in this world--but I can honestly say there's no place hotter than a barn loft, stacking hay with no breeze under a smoldering tin roof. I don't miss slinging squares, and knowing how to stack those fuckers on a hay wagon is a soon to be lost art.
I did it all day long for $2.00 an hour as a teen for summer money. I dont miss it.
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Old 14 July 2019, 19:32
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Originally Posted by Shark0311 View Post
Speaking of horses. My dad and I had to stitch a cut over the weekend after the fourth. I received a call today that the wound is now healed and he had hard time locating it. Mission accomplished!

It's very difficult to get a vet to come out for a horse in his AO. They make more money on cats and dogs without worrying about getting kicked so you learn to do it yourself.
When I was working with horses in hunting camps the local vet would sell me a bunch of sutures for my med kit. A season would not go by when I did not have to stitch up a horse. Fall seemed to be the worst time when the ground froze and dumbasses didn't get the wire policed up off the ground . There were drift fences everywhere in the basin for cattle. We'd have to twitch their muzzles when we stitched em. They did not like it much!

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