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Old 20 September 2002, 16:43
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Unhappy 18X-er bites the dust

They say everything happens for a reason...

Well, my Army career has come to a screeching halt after just 11 weeks; after going round and round with the medical staff at TMC-7, I was finally EPTSed for lower back/neck problems- what a shitty way to go!!

Hopefully I can get my doctor to fix it when I get home and then try to get a waiver to come back in. Anybody know whether or not my chances at Airborne/Ranger/Special Forces will be affected? I'm hoping that if it's fixed, all the doors will remain open. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Can't say this was a waste- I enjoyed my time at Benning, and learned a lot. Hopefully I can get back on the horse.

PFC (until my discharge papers get here),
United States Army
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Old 20 September 2002, 16:50
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Sorry to hear it man. That really sucks. How was your time there? What can you tell those of us that are getting ready to go?
"De Oppresso Liber"
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Old 20 September 2002, 22:04
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in my military experiance(18+ years). There is a slight chance that you can stay in the Army, but with an unspecific back problems that require surgery you can pretty much kiss SF/Ranger/ Airborne/ Infantry goodbye. That doesnt mean that you cant move to another MOS(depneding on your PULHESS). Ofcourse all this is off the info that you had shared here.
Sorry to hear that you cant join the ranks .
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