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Old 15 October 2002, 23:59
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Heard from someone that waivers on age for 18x are not available.
I will check into it next year when I am ready to sign up.
Right now I am just focused on training with getting onto the ZigZag hotshots (Mt Hood) this summer (For fun, challenge, and need some cash to pay off some bills). I saw a job announcement just out for Smokejumpers but I dont meet the firefighting specific qualifications. Maybe next year. I figure all the hard work in Hotshots will help give me even more prep for NG SF/SFAS.

I like the idea of NG now, I was thinking of possibly going for a full time firefighting job in oregon or washington and maybe NG would work with that. Dunno, I figure with NG I would have time to spend with family and do some pleasure traveling, or go to school some more etc. Though if i make it in I expect to be called up more often than not since I dont expect our world situation to calm down anytime soon.

I got a buddy in PSYOPS ( Reserve )here at school and he signed up 3 yrs ago and has spent over 2 yrs on deployments and training. He keeps having to withdraw from school.
But no matter what I will be happy. As long as I put everything I have into it, then I will be satisfied. If I make it in and love the job to death I will look at going active duty.

Sanjuro OUT

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Old 16 October 2002, 02:18
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about the national guard sf, I thought that I read on here that you don't enlist through your normal army/army reserve recruiter, that you go through the unit itself. was that the case? I am going to be taking the D-lab shortly too see if I qualify for 18x, my recruiter said I could get the contract and test during DEP, but recommended that I make sure I qualify first, since you have to wait six months in between testing. anyway, since I have time, before I sign anything I was going to check out the guard option, especially if you are able to choose which group you are assigned, should you make it through training . I ran a search and found someone mentioned a guard unit near long beach, ca, but it was unclear whethor the unit went through changes or disbanded. is the unit still there, or is there another in southern california. thanks for reading/answering/talking dump in advance.
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Old 16 October 2002, 02:53
amatlis amatlis is offline
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California NGSF?

I second the question concerning NGSF units in California. I might be moving out to California and I was hoping someone would know which units are out there and if they have REP 63 programs.

Anybody have a point of contact?
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Old 16 October 2002, 12:30
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19th Group

If I'm not mistaken 19th Group has a unit in Southern as well as Norther Cal. Simple Search on the net should give you a web site and yes you need to talk to one of their recruiters.

GUARDGUY & Ranger Hazen could maybe give you guys the scoop.


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Old 16 October 2002, 12:55
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Unless things have changed since May, age waivers are available for 18X. It may be that they're only giving them to prior service, I don't know.

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