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Old 13 October 2002, 23:37
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Airborne K9s

I wasnt really sure where to post this, so the administrator should move this or delete it, but somebody knows about please drop a comment.

I was flipping through Soldier of Fortune Magazine(November) and noticed an advertisement that caught my attention, more like the picture, it was of a Handler with his four-legged companion about to conduct a free-fall jump out of a C-130. If its Opsec no problem, but, have any of you guys done it or heard of it before? It would be great to know. Thank you for your time.
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Old 14 October 2002, 09:24
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circa 1979

I watched a MP go off the 34 foot tower on Longstreet Rd with a K-9 attached around the 1979 year time frame. The dog didn't care much for it either. They only went off one time.

Some of those dogs are deemed to be very expensive by virtue of the amount of money spent to train them.
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Old 14 October 2002, 23:49
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"Dog Smarter Than Man!"

I remember those MP dog handler jumps...

And Tracy I remember a Moroccan jumping a broken down bazooka (M29? The 3.65" one) exposed across the top of his reserve... One side out, then the other, then up 6" and out 36"!

There was a unit in WW2 that had a jumping dog mascot. I think he finally ran away.
The well-trained SF SADM detachment is like an artillery round...

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Old 15 October 2002, 00:55
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There's "Sargey"

... J. Keith Edema's supersecret HALO scubadog.
I got the truth for ya! RIGHT HERE!
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Old 15 October 2002, 01:28
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"C'mon boy Stand up! Good Doggy, who's a gooooood doggy!? OK now stand in the door, c'mon, yes goooood boy! OK now who wants to go outside for a walk!? You wanna go outside? C'mon, you wanna go outside? Would you do it for a scooby snack? How about TWO Scooby Snacks?..."
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Old 15 October 2002, 03:13
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If they did manage a free-fall jump, and the pooch did survive, I think on landing, the damn dog would trun around and bite his handler in the nuts...I would if I were the dog...I like jumping as much as the next guy, but hell, we volunteered for it...on a more serious note...can you imagine the SPCAs response if they saw it....
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Old 15 October 2002, 09:27
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Thanks alot for the responses,
I sure as wouldnt want to jump with a dog, you should see my Mut fight to get a way from getting a bath and visiting the Vet (I had to speacial order a muzzle because hes busted out of 2 of them) and hes to smart to figure out if im gonna give him a tranq.

So antways, the free-fall picture i saw showed the dog with this face mask thing, it was like a muzzle that strapped to the back of his head but configured with breathing ports and he was strapped across his handler in what seems to be a modified seabag. If you need more facts, just check out the pg 74 in the recent issue of SOFMAG.
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Old 15 October 2002, 09:43
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Was it this one... :)

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Old 15 October 2002, 12:46
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Re: circa 1979

Originally posted by Doc42
Some of those dogs are deemed to be very expensive by virtue of the amount of money spent to train them.
Yupp! Have to pay about $10000-$15000 for a bomb squad doggie, in sweden. Don't think the price tag was up to 20k in some cases, but I'm not sure.

A friend of mine has a kennel, damnit those german shepards are cool!

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Old 15 October 2002, 14:09
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That's the ad.
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Old 15 October 2002, 14:13
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I got one for you, boys. Pull up a log and we'll sit around the campfire and tell stories.

You 10th Group guys know all about the Winter Warfare school up in Dombas, Norway, right? Or Dumbass as we refer to it... Anyway, these bozos decided to use dogs to track an SF team one year. Not fair, or so we thought. But God had his revenge on 'em.

When they jumped out w/the dogs strapped across their midsections right where the T-10 reserve would normally go, they gained control of their canopies, turned into the wind, and lowered the dogs. Couldn't tell from where I was sitting, but the lowering lines were around standard length, nothing unusual. The 4 dogs hung there unmoving, stairstepped from lowest to highest. We were watching them from the ground and they were just enjoying the view, or so we thought.

All was well until the first dog got about 100-150' off the deck. I guess he must've hit some zone where he could finally 'pick up' the ground, or finally noticed ground rush or something. Anyway, about 150' off the deck, the first dog took off like a stripe-assed ape. Hanging at the end of the lowering line, dangling like swine on twine, this dog wanted to leave. Fast. Then, as the second dog reached about the same altitude, he, too, started running. They weren't going anywhere, but they were trying like hell.

Then the third dog started running, followed a few seconds later by the fourth dog. We were howling. Rolling around on the ground literally crying we were laughing so hard. Funniest thing I have ever seen under canopy. (Well, that thing w/Pete Schuster at the Airborne Test Board was funny, too, but then again, we were in free fall and that doesn't count for this story...)

Anyway, about 2 seconds after the last dog started running, the first dog landed. Bounced ass over teakettle and then took off running. That poor Norwegian who was still hooked to him hit the ground sideways because the dog had pulled the lowering line taut and was headed down the DZ towing the parachute behind him. No PLF. No feet and knees together. Nothing but a big fucking pancake, followed seconds later by another pancake, and a third, and a fourth.

Hysterical. Funniest thing I ever saw. Even after the jumpers landed, the dogs were still trying to drag 'em off the DZ. They'd hit the end of the lowering line still attached to the semi-conscious jumpers who were themselves moaning and groaning to beat hell, then take off in another direction, only to be brought up short with a yank each time they hit the end of their lowering line. I know a couple of the jumpers just cut their lowering lines away and their dogs took off, because low-ranking Weegies were running all over the DZ trying to catch the dogs.

Anyway, it ain't cool to laugh at fellow jumpers, but this was hilarious. I apologize, but still: You had to be there...
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Old 15 October 2002, 14:33
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I could just picture it all, that was fookin comedy!
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Old 15 October 2002, 16:54
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I did watch a Discovery Channel program about dogs being used in the Army during WW2 and Vietnam. They did show dogs being static line dropped out of a C-47 during WW2. They also interviewed a Special Forces member who used a canine during Vietnam, but they inserted by chopper. He indicated the dog liked riding in it and did not hesitate to get onboard.
It turned out the dog saved his life as well - unfortunately, the dog didn't survive.
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Old 16 October 2002, 00:18
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Regarding dog usage by special operations forces in Vietnam, i recall reading about German shepards used by SEALs to good results. They also jumped with them in training.

One dog was awarded two Purple Hearts, the first for booby trap fragments and the second for hand grenade fragments.
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