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Old 18 March 2017, 17:49
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SAM vs. SAM - Israeli Arrow reportedly shoots down Syrian SA-5

Here's an interesting development in the world of weapons technology:

Following an Israeli airstrike against Hezbollah targets in Syria, Syrian forces launched an SA-5 SAM at the attacking jets.
According to IDF spokesman, the SAM was intercepted and destroyed by an Israeli launched Arrow SAM.
Syrian officials, on the other hand, claim that they shot down one of the Israeli jets.

Here's a rundown of the incident according to official sources.

As someone who knows nothing about SAMs and missile interception, I guess shooting down a SAM that has reached its maximum height and is now on a pure ballistic trajectory sounds plausible enough, although the official version is not widely accepted and some people claim that the Syrians or Hezbollah actually fired a ballistic rocket towards Jerusalem, and the claims of shooting down a SAM are simply a diplomatic solution to avoid having to retaliate even further.

I'd be happy to hear any opinions and if there is any precedence of a "hard kill" against a SAM.
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