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I am sorry for your loss, DaveP. It just came on the national news. May you, the family and friends find solace.
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jportal50 & DaveP, my thoughts are with you, and prayers are out.

jportal50, if you don't mind sharing, how old are you?
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DaveP DaveP is offline
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Many thanks all, will pass on thoughts to the family.
True to form, his wife is focusing her worry on the remaining injured men and their outcomes; there were four generations around the house yesterday; and the story-telling got started - their way of dealing, always has been.

Saw the scene today, massive.
And yes, he and his brother, having done this forever, would think nothing of gearing up first; due to it being fair week, they were still on shift until the 'young' guys came on a bit later. It's a wired-tight, squared-away dept for a small town, partly because of the college, and despite being almost entirely vol.

Good thoughts out to the EMTs, Lifeflight, and ER/surgery staffs taking care of the rest of the team.
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DaveP, sorry for your loss. Grace and peace and strength in the days ahead.
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Originally Posted by jportal50 View Post

The C word: I have it....
Stay strong, jportal...
"If you force me to do violence, I shall be so savage and so cruel, and hurt you so badly that the thought of revenge shall never cross your mind" --Machiavelli

"Oderint, dum metuant" ("Let them hate, so long as they fear") - Caligula

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