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Old 12 November 1999, 20:02
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SG-551-SWAT for those who know...

This one's adressed to GI Joe in special and the rest of you guys in general...could anyone if you with time on the 551-swat model write me a brief review of its pros and cons?
Ever since i saw the semi variant in a local store im completely in love with it, but its expensive as hell.

I've fired the standard 550 on vacation in switzerland a while ago, and i've never handled a gun with such a mild recoil. Allmost like a .22 converted hbar ar15 would the 551-swat look next to, say, the C7a1 (m16a2-clone for those who dont know) and the basic 550?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 13 November 1999, 13:07
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Hi Veil,
my pleausure to write this rewiev for you friend.
We have very few of these guns,they are really very expensive for a government budget too,think that the commercial sniper version of the 550 is sold here in Italy for $.10.000,00 !
I'm love with the 551.This is a great piece of hardware.
the pros:
The quality of the plastic is amazing,almost indestructible and the metal parts seems to be made one by one.
this rifle is very reliable,greatly done,shooting with it,in my opinion,is easier than with the M4 series because the rifle is more steady,due to the very mild recoil, while shooting.
The 551 can shoot one-three-full auto rounds,
has an hold-open device which operates after the last round and when a new mag is fitted the lock catch is activated and you can shoot immediatly,you save time re-loading.
It has combined dioptre and trizium alignment sight mounted on the breech,you can switch from day to night conditions in seconds.
At last you can slot 3 mags together without any tape or ready-mag etc.etc.
The cons:
First of all the price,unbelievable,then it cannot use any STANAG mag (bad-bad thing when you have to share the rounds/mags with your mates),it cannot gets any Picatinny rail for the scopes/NVD,it lacks the versatility of the M4 series (R.I.S.-SOPMOD) ,impossible to find spare parts anywhere in the world (there are no troops using this stuff but the Swiss).
I hope this can answer to your question,LMK if I can be of any further help,
take care mate,
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Old 13 November 1999, 13:20
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I was introduced to it on an exchange trip to Germany. GSG-9 is sold on the weapon, and they made me a believer. It is a very sweet weapon, to say the least.
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Old 13 November 1999, 14:18
veil veil is offline
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Thanks Joe, Trident.

One thing i liked alot about the 550 series is the pistol grip & trigger. It felt like it was custom made and finetuned especially for me. My Diemaco's trigger feels like a watersquirter...

Anyone else wanna share their thoughts on this supermodel of carbines?


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