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Old 7 November 1999, 07:39
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Steyr AUG?

Anyone used this Rifle? Gimme the lowdown on it?

Snake II
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Old 7 November 1999, 19:18
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Hey snake,

Havent fired cause im only a kid. I know it's a bullpup design chambered for the 5.56. I also headr that it jams in sand and water. I know it's not a good rifle compared to the m16 and m4 rifles.

Take Care,

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Old 7 November 1999, 19:27
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Hi Snake;

Have trigger time on the AUG, it's a fair weapon but has a very fatal tactical flaw, namely being a bullpup. Under combat situations you have to expose much more of your body when firing around cover on your weak side.

The weapon also has problems with it's gas system, namely blowing it down range. To change weapon from right to left firing the bolt has to be replaced with a left or right version and the ejection port cover placed in appropriate now unused port.

With the entire firing mech. made of plastic have seen early failures of the hammer and sear. Though the entire mech. is contaianed in a box as one unit and easy to replace this does not help in the field. There have also been reports that the quick change barrel wears quickly, though have not seen this personally.

In all I can't see much use for the bullpup weapons, the disadvantages out weigh the pluses. But if had to choose would go with the FA MAS, easy to change from shoulder to shoulder( just reverse ejector and extractor in bolt face and change cheek piece) also has no gas system to blow up 8)

Also owned one for awhile, in semi auto, just was not impressed with it at all. Just my personal impressions of the weapon. Not a rifle I would want to carry when the dung hit's the fan. take care...Jim
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