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Old 14 January 2002, 18:28
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Question Here we go we've got another d*ck asking for info on the TA SAS!

I'm looking to collect as much info about the TA SAS as i can, i'v seen all the websites.
I need to know about: -
1. Selection for the TA SAS (any tips for TA selection would be
2. What they are trained in, i kno they do some of the same things the regular reg does but what and how much?
3.What they would typicly be called up to do? 4. What weapons and/or special equiptment does the TA SAS use?Do the use the M16? the only thing i can find on this is "we've had reports of then using m16s" can anyone conferm this? (I know that there standard weapon is the SA80 - do they modify it at all?)
5. if there is anyone with any knowlage or experience on the TA SAS then fell free to share it here.

Thanks for any help, especially if it is rare knowlage.

(Do any of you know of any good places to get info?)

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Old 15 January 2002, 08:38
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you may find the following helpful:

.. hmm, just checked it and it isn't up for some reason. If you get through it has some of the information you're looking for. Or email me direct.
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Old 15 January 2002, 11:19
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Why not contact 21 or 23 I'm sure they will tell you what you need to know.
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