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Old 11 September 2016, 03:42
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The MSO 25 (

I just received a job offer recently that will allow me to break into the field of overseas security contracting. I did a few months over 5 years active duty in the army and held a secret and top secret clearance the whole time. I got out in '07 and let my clearance expire. The company I was offered a job with is sponsoring my clearance for this contract. Here is my question. I understand getting a clearance is a big deal but this company is not my end goal. I want to work maritime security for larger companies. I have no experience working offshore. My question is first, would getting MSO certified privately help me achieve this goal? Even if the certification is not what the company is looking for would it not count as a bit of experience in the maritime field or at least put me ahead of candidates without it? And second, has anyone heard of I want to make sure that if i am going to fork up the money to get this training that the training I receive is industry leading training. I dont want to go to some scam training. I want to by knowledge, not a piece of paper, if that makes sense.
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Old 11 September 2016, 12:44
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If you want to do maritime security in the US you will need a TWIC. Your DoD clearance will have no value in this industry, other than making it easier to get a TWIC. It is a clearance of sorts that allows you to have unescorted access to restricted areas on maritime facilities and platforms.

Lots of folks give these types of trainings, the group you mention seems as if they are better at marketing than knowledge of security. Lots of "awareness" type classes. I would keep looking.
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Old 12 September 2016, 20:23
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Ok thanks for the help.
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