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Old 9 March 2015, 13:34
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The only man during WWII to kill an enemy soldier with an arrow fired from a longbow!

Astounding!...this was a real warrior if there was ever one!!
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Old 10 March 2015, 11:24
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Mad dogs and Englishmen, or is that Mad Jacks
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Old 10 March 2015, 14:14
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I think that is the most eccentric thing I've heard of, in modern warfare. Certainly a badass.
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Old 12 March 2015, 15:26
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That is a life lived well and full.
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Old 16 March 2015, 23:35
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This man defines what a "Bad Ass" is.
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Old 1 April 2015, 09:18
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A bit off topic but involves bows and arrows.

While scrolling through some Viet Nam Pics, I came across #37 in this group.

Seems like a Navy Guy is firing a FLAMING arrow at a VC position!

Atlantic Pics
2 Charlie <1>
A long time ago

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Old 2 April 2015, 10:50
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Mad Jack Churchill was a legendary commando. He surely inspired his troops as he charged enemy positions with sword drawn. Probably scared the crap out of a few Germans too.

Those Vietnam pictures are very cool too. Sometimes old school solutions are the best solutions.
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Old 6 April 2015, 20:52
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Great read about Mad Jack...thanks for sharing.
RJ...thanks for the Viet Nam pics also.
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Old 17 August 2015, 05:13
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There were plenty of Japanese killed with bows and arrows in the PTO. There was considerable unconventional action supporting various native groups in Burma, Indonesia and other "ignored" theaters. I seem to recall we armed some of them with surplus Civil War era muzzle loaders because that was the tech level they were accustomed to and it really was a shoestring effort. S/F.....Ken M
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Old 8 September 2015, 18:23
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I also ran across some vintage film showing "special ops" training with longbows, judging by the uniforms it was Vietnam era. They were all lined up practicing archery. Pretty cool. Being a bow hunter, I would not want to catch one of those for sure!
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Old 1 November 2017, 09:58
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Amphibious assault with a sword...

I'm resurrecting this thread to put in a picture that I could not initially believe but which appears to be correct. It is a picture of Jack Churchill participating in a training exercise with commandos using early version of the LCP(L) -- apparently a barely-modified Higgins Eureka. I found it on the Wiki page for the LCP(L), but the source indicates that it is from the Imperial War Museum, so if *they* are identifying the individual in the right side of the picture I'll take it as him. And his broadsword. Not a lightsaber like I have in the Photoshopped version of the view of Omaha from an LCP(L).
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