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Old 19 December 2017, 11:00
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Seeking former U.S. Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, MOS-18B3/4 (18Z with a 18B

*SB Approved*

Darby-Associates is currently seeking the following:

Seeking former U.S. Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, MOS-18B3/4 (18Z with a 18B secondary)

Job Description

DARBY ASSOCIATES is seeking an experienced former Special Forces Weapons Sergeant for immediate hire. The applicant’s position is too serve as a Weapons SME (Subject Matter Expert) for a fast paced, dynamic, multifaceted, 3rd. party logistics program. Pay and allowances are well within industry standards for 18 series and comparable to current armed contracts. Applicants will interact daily with former military members, other SME’s, logisticians and have daily interactions with low to potentially high-level officials.
• The position requires rotational travel to and from the job site, deployment schedules are negotiable and will be discussed at the time of hire.
• The position requires the applicant to develop detailed technical reports for submission in a meticulous and timely manner.
• Provide accurate, sound advice and recommendations to company leadership when required.
• Possess a strong working knowledge of former Warsaw Pact direct and indirect fire platforms. To include the ability to inspect new and used platforms to verify serviceability and conduct minor repairs if required.
• This is and will remain an un-armed contract.

Position Criteria/Qualifications/Requirements:

• Former Special Forces Junior/Senior Weapons Sergeant Duty MOS-18B or as a secondary MOS if an 18Z upon retirement (only)
• Minimum of 6 years ODA time (B and C time does not count)
• Honorable discharge
• U.S. Citizen
• Current passport
• Current drivers license
• Must be prepared to provide DD-214 member-4, SFQC certificate and supporting documents prior to interview
• Must have left the Regiment (Retiree/ETS) under good standing

OCONUS- (semi-permissive environment)

Clearance Status:
N/A (Revocation for security/disciplinary actions is an automatic disqualifier, we will check)

Living Conditions:
• Are excellent and above industry standards, this will be discussed during the interview process

Desired skills, but not required:
• Department of Defense Certified Instructor Training Course (ITC)
• USAJFKSWCS SFQC18B Course Instructor
• Graduate of any Crane NSW courses
• Graduate of any certified armorer courses
• Ability to drive a fork lift

Physical Requirements:
• Ability to lift 70 pounds

If interested and qualified, please apply here:

*If you do not meet any one of the Position Criteria/Qualifications/Requirements, listed above, please do not apply*
**Please do not PM me**
***When applying for the position, write in the subject line: SOCNET Resume 18B SME***
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