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Old 19 February 2018, 01:53
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Paid program, template. or do it yourself?

What are you following? Are you using a paid program, a template (Wendler, Juggernaut), or do you do your own stuff? Also, are there still folks just using body builder style workouts?
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Old 19 February 2018, 07:12
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Depends on what you are willing to put in: If you absolutely have no time to research - then pay for something. (In reality, there are a ton of free programs out there with very little effort required to find them). This one (strength focused) is free (donate if you can):

If you want to learn, then learn and program yourself. This stuff really isn't that complicated. Depending on your 'training age' (how many years you have been seriously training), everything works. Then when it stops working due to adaptations, you tweak one or two little things, and it works again.

5,3,1 is awesome, so is Strong Lifts. So is Starting Strength. So is The Texas Method, etc...

If by 'Bodybuilding Routine' you mean the traditional 'Body Part Split' hitting each muscle group once per week - it'll work for a bit if you are new, but it's not ideal.

Like I posted elsewhere, in 1 week you would ideally work each muscle group a minimum of 2x, using at least 60% of your 1RM, with a minimum of 10 total sets for the week - to start. When you reach a goal, add weight...or add another set, or add more reps - any *one* of those will work to increase adaptation, so you can see that there is a lot of tweaking you can do with just basic programming to progress.

I program myself, using most of what Dr. Mike Israetel discusses.
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