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Old 23 July 2003, 14:42
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Maybe we ought to sign his guest book...
The "Best Tactics" to use are the ones which allow you to shoot the other guy before he shoots you. Whether your pinky is fully extended or not is a matter of aesthetics, not tactics.

Never fuck with a guy who wants to die in battle.
Old 23 July 2003, 16:43
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Doogie thanks for suggesting the seach option, I got one hell of a good laugh this morning.:D

Benning Bound, you're a waste of sperm. Your mother should of swallowed.
You can want in one hand and shit in the other; which do you think will fill up first.
Old 23 July 2003, 16:50
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I'm glad I made his list...

"I dislike: Ignorance, excuses, My moms boyfriend, bad service at restaurants, Bad bartenders, nosy people, Overly religious people, Barney, modern gothic wierdos, slow drivers, Lawyers, judgemental people, stress, stressed out people, and walt disney."

Actually I can be both #4 and #5.

Who the hell dislikes Walt Disney?
Ad carceres a calce revocari.
Old 23 July 2003, 16:55
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Originally posted by NewportBarGuy
"I dislike: ...judgemental people"
Is this what is meant by cognitive dissonance?
Just my opinion and worth what you paid for it
Old 23 July 2003, 19:24
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I've never seen a bad bartender in my life,maybe I need to get out more.
Old 23 July 2003, 21:08
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He was such a fun chew toy that weekend. Kid kept diggin himself in deeper, too. LOL
We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land, and air with all our might and all our strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, What is our aim? I answer in one word: Victory Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. Winston Churchill
Old 23 July 2003, 21:53
Special Forces
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Originally posted by Gulf Yankee
Is this what is meant by cognitive dissonance?

You beat me too it.

He hates everyone, especially haters.

Don't hate the playa', hate the game!

Old 23 July 2003, 22:34
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Originally posted by FrogsWife
Doogie thanks for suggesting the seach option, I got one hell of a good laugh this morning.:D

Benning Bound, you're a waste of sperm. Your mother should of swallowed.
You sound like my kind of lady
Old 23 July 2003, 22:36
FrogsWife FrogsWife is offline
The Queen
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Why thank you FS.
You can want in one hand and shit in the other; which do you think will fill up first.
Old 23 July 2003, 22:49
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Ive had a shitty day to say the least.

This thread has made me smile.

Running with a 70lb ruck? Only under fire.

That picture is priceless. What a dildo.

I love it.

What a clown.

I am a ruck running MOFO, and cant run 7 miles with a 70lb ruck. Not even close.

His pic says it all "genetic inequity".

And his taste in cars is faggotry. NOSed up Honda riceburners are for asian street gangs and rappers.

Ill race him anytime, Car or Ruck.

Old 23 July 2003, 23:49
Haggis Haggis is offline
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This is no shit,talk about a bad day.
About a week ago I was out in my back yard doing some gardening and these three gentlemen come along,I think one called himself Bravo,and I heard one refered to as doing something frogstyle,and this guy they called Reaper.
One of them shot my cat,while the other two busied themselves destroying birdfeeders and putting firecrackers in some squirrel's ass,and kicking dirt in my face. The usual backyard chatter. We were getting along pretty well,until this Reaper guy tried to look up my kilt!
People, the shit storm started!!! I was putting some major discomfert and real pain on these guy's,there was snot and piss blood and shit all over the place it was a scene! I finally got these maniacs subdued and locked up in my dog kennel,knowing Barfy wouldn't need it anymore as this Bravo dude had him roasting on a fire they had built with the destroyed bird houses,anyway these guys turned on each other in the cage,and were tearing each others ass up. Thinking quickly,I said to myself, Haggis, you have got to get this on tape,so I was running to get my vidio rig and what the hell,this big Cadillac pulls up. Full of these big burly fuckers. Some assholes introducing themselves as just Bruce, Arnold,and some shit that talked like he had a mouth full of shit, Stalone or something like that.Oh yea and this punk called Vin or Gin, I'm not sure about that. They asked for direction to a Hollywood Cafe,Itold these freaks that they were,fucked up and to hit the road as I was very busy at the time.This must have pissed them off royal,cause these pricks jerked their shirts off and started making these growling noises.Friends,it was at that time,that I knew I was in a world that was about to turn to shit. I had a moutain of muscle about to fuck up my day. Again thinking quickly,while these turds were chasing me down, I got to the kennel door just in time to throw it open and turn my friends loose.You can imagine!WOW, there was wallets,rolexes,gold chains and shit flying all over the place.I said to myself,Haggis it's payday buddy,as I hurridly scooped up my prizes.
Well that last thing I remember was hearing these mopeds coming by and a guy yelling,HEY, Sneaky looks like our scene, and thats when everything went black.
When I finally came around all my loot was gone and a shattered 2x4 was next to me but my head was neatly bandaged and sutured. Upon looking around, my garden,yard, everything was just one big asshole and that trauma is still with me today. Can I sue the prick that shot my cat?
Old 24 July 2003, 01:05
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I remember this thread. Thanks for the laughs, BenningBOUND. Just about all you were/are good for.
Old 2 October 2003, 11:57
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Originally posted by Bravo Five Romeo
It could happen. I actually saw this happen once...
...Wile E Coyote was just about to catch that damned Roadrunner and BAM! right into an Acme earthmover.

HAHAHAHA....poor bastard might be all laid up 'n shit and here we are, giving him grief about an acme earth mover doing a number on his sorry ass. have to admit tho, it do sound like creative writing 101.

no shit, there i was, hauling ass up this forest service road, it was right off the road that goes north of the deer farm exit between flagstaff and williams, az and if you follow it until the black top ends, then the second right, barely seen...then it will go up the side of mt. sitgraves before looping back to the hard dirt road, well here i was, giving my yahama 360 RD1 COMPLETE hell and it was loud since i had broken the rules and removed the spark arrest baffle on the end. i know, had i started a forest fire i would have been royally fucked, but this bastard was loud and i loved being deaf. well here i am, fat dumb and happy as i crest the hill and head back down. right at the crest the road is kinda screwy becase it has eroded a tad and there was only enough room to stay on the uphill side. while i'm constipating on surviving that short chute, i come out of it and a gawd damn cow elk damn near broad sides me. i jump off the seat because she is to my right and i thought she was going to send me ass over tea kettle so i took my foot off the shifter. all of a sudden she turns and runs with me and keeps looking back at me as if to challange my loud piece of rice burning shit to a dash to the next bend. i got to laughing so damn hard i damn near ran into a tree but the look in her left eye as she kept looking back is one i'll never forget. when i beat her to the next curve she stopped and as soon as i got control of my self, my handle bars, my shifter and my bladder, i stopped and looked back at her as she stood in the middle of the road. she was on top of the little finger and as you could see the steam from her breath as she was silhouetted against the sky i knew she was talking shit....yeah you fucking bastard...bring that piece of shit back here and i'll blow your doors off, AND GET THAT GAWD DAMN SPARK ARRESTER BACK ON OR I'LL RUN YER ASS OVER NEXT TIME. needless to say out of respect of ol girl i didn't go elk hunting that year.


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Old 5 October 2003, 05:39
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Gregory is apparently a douche. If you look at the profile you can conclude he is a total waste of air. I thank all of you for giving me some long laughs. I like how in his photo albums he has a picture of his glock on his keyboard. He so badly wants to be a warrior, but obviously lacks the intestinal fortitude to. his "daily" run which consists of 7 miles with 70lbs ruck... I know you BTDTs have dones some amazing stuff with the endurance of your bodies... but on a daily basis.... This guys is a total jackass. I think we should sign him up for as much spam as possible.
Old 5 October 2003, 11:20
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can this one live up to the infamous "PO BONG" thread? Stay tuned skate fans!
Old 7 October 2003, 16:04
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ROTFLMFAO!!!! Talk about called out.

My hypothesis is he weasel-dicked out of his contract and didn't want to come on here and own up for it so he put that ridiculous story up here. Hilarious shit.
"Sir, what are we doing?"
"I'm not sure, but it's very important."
Old 7 October 2003, 16:33
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His guestbook was a nice read.
Old 7 October 2003, 16:47
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LOL - his profile was updated 9/23... so he even looks at it sometimes... guest book here I come.
"Everything government touches turns to crap." - Ringo Starr
Old 7 October 2003, 19:17
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This thread is hilarious.

Remember, his vote counts just as much as yours!
All Hail the Helmet!

SGT A/1/75 86-89
Ranger Class 13-87

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children will have peace." - Thomas Paine
Old 7 October 2003, 19:59
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This is one of my favorite threads, even better than "Never mess with a Terry!" LOL

Look out for earthmovers

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