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Old 7 January 2019, 23:53
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Originally Posted by Bingo King View Post
**Never Mind** Just saw a Thread on the Kimber Warrior.
I have a Desert Warrior, Its design is a bit confusing. Supposedly a Custom Shop Gun (Don't just don't with the Custom Shop) It has no front strap checkering. Of course it was broken in with my famous break in method and is smooth as a babies but. The pea green coating could have been tinted a bit differently......
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Old 10 January 2019, 18:49
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I've been happy with the Colt Railgun. It has a dual recoil spring setup that was designed for the USMC.
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Old 21 January 2019, 06:25
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I've had a lot of good experiences with Colt's offerings over the last ten yeas or so. I've purchased one Colt a year for the last seven years, and each one has been better than the last. If I were to buy another one, it would probably be one of the Wiley Clapp series, either the Government Model or Commander, because either of them will be solid guns with all the features I could ever want from a 1911.

I've also given some serious consideration to the Colt Combat Unit Rail Guns, because they just look that darned good, and I've heard a lot of good things about them.

Whatever option you choose, OP, shoot it and enjoy!
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