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Old 10 December 2012, 08:35
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Did you come in when they were still selling Hustler/spank-mags in the PX and we had strippers during lunch with a two(2) beer max?
No, I came in just as that era came to a screeching halt.

Mako, whats going on good buddy it your old classmate (desk partner) from school last year. I haven't been here in a long time but I have been reading your comments and they are hilarious. I would also add that selection is just the beginning, I remember last year when we kept Monster Energy in business on 2hrs of sleep a night!
What's up brother? You back in town? We have to grab some beers or something.

Yeah, these kids think that once they get passed Selection they're good...not knowing that years later, when they think the suffering is over- they may chance upon a complete maniac of a human being go by the name of "Terry" who'll have them vomiting into a trash can by the side of their desk, or throwing things around the instructor's office while screaming: "This is not working for me!!"
You know they show up with the helmets and the black masks and they have clubs and everything...ANTIFAAAA!!!
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Old 11 December 2012, 12:56
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Still gone buddy...living the dream but still gone anyhow when I get back I will take you up on that beer! I actually realized that a good friend of mine had "Terry" as a JM instructor I am sure that had to be one fine piece of encouragement a complete maniac is going to throw you out of this plane and then he will teach how to be a sociopath and throw others out of a plane! As I type this I actually fear the maniac is watching.
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Old 13 October 2017, 14:54
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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
We did not join Army Special Forces because it's different, we joined because we're different. As USSFPA pointed out, if you make it through selection, assessment and training you'll find yourself among like-minded Soldiers.
I don't think I ever stopped being different. But I came into SF not because I had the feeling (not really knowing any bonafide SF "Green Berets" back in '65) that I'd be among like-minded Soldiers, but a feeling that they'd be more likely to accept an odd-ball independent minded guy.

I was right. And boy, where there some strange ones back then :-) Murley J. Maynard (my first team sergeant in the 8th). The SGM of Co A 8th, who walked in one Saturday, nasty, dirty, unshaven, having ridden his Honda (175?) all the way from Fort Bragg to the Canal Zone! (Can't remember his name right off hand, 1966 or 1967.) Wolcoff the Mad Russian (CCC, '69). The Navajo recon guy at CCC who'd get drunk, decide everyone hated him, get thrown out of the club, come back with a .45 and shoot hell out of the roof, sit down in front of the fireplace and cry, and get thrown out again :-)

Yep, odd ones indeed.
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