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Old 26 June 2016, 04:34
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Mustafa Badreddine's assassination

I thought this was a well written article about Badreddine's killing. It delves into some interesting dynamics for Hezbollah in regards to their current weakness in dealing with Israel, as well as Iran's problems in officially accusing the US at this time.

Plenty of people wanted Mustafa Badreddine dead.
There were the Saudis, who blamed him for terror attacks in the kingdom and against its allies abroad.

The Israelis had already once tried to assassinate Badreddine, the military commander of Hezbollah and one of the most important and powerful figures in the organization.

Even Badreddine’s own Hezbollah brethren were said to have their knives out, feuding with the storied militant over where the group should devote its resources: Towards attacks against its longstanding enemy, Israel, or on the battlefields of Syria, where Badreddine had been commanding around 6,000 men in an all-out effort to prop up the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Some Hezbollah figures had also chastised Badreddine as an easily distracted womanizer who had developed a taste for the high-life, dining in fine restaurants and tooling around Lebanon in a Mercedes.

But of all Badreddine’s many enemies, one had a special place for him on its most-wanted list--the United States. And that has officials in several countries speculating that Washington finally took him out in a massive explosion in Damascus last month.
Whoever was in fact responsible for killing MB, you have my sincere appreciation for the hard work and solid targeting.
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Old 26 June 2016, 13:37
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That was an outstanding read. I found it funny too, that the article gets a few cross thread points for cousins marrying cousins. Im glad this piece of shit is dead. Thanks for posting.
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Old 26 June 2016, 20:08
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At some point, probability and actuarial tables come for us all. It just so happens that if you are a Hezbollah or IJO leader responsible for American deaths, your leading cause of death is explosions in Damascus. Does not matter if the explosion was caused by Israel, Bigfoot or Whirrling Dervishes. It was just statistics catching up to him. Nothing more.

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Old 26 June 2016, 21:00
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I wonder if he had life insurance?
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Old 26 June 2016, 21:16
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Had no idea him and Mughniyeh were cousins. Either way it will be interesting to see how Hezbollah fares in the recent future, given their (over?) commitment in Syria.
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Old 26 June 2016, 21:30
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Well, bye. Next.
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Old 26 June 2016, 23:18
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Originally Posted by 8654maine View Post
I wonder if he had life insurance?
In his line of work, can you imagine the rates?
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