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Old 22 December 2016, 13:39
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SOFLETE review

I saw a previous thread about SOFLETE but thought I'd throw a review in here for their Strength programming if anyone is interested.

Let me start by saying in no way am I a big strong guy. I started strength and conditioning work in college when I started working out at a Muay Thai gym. That consisted of body weight work mostly. I never really progressed much. In around 2004/5 I started following the old school crossfit page and bought some weights off Craigslist. I made some modest improvements but plateaued after a year and a half, but kept going with just maintaining for some time. After a few years I started throwing in more body weight work and then tried going through Starting Strength. Still plateaued.

I then went to trying the Mountain athlete and military athlete around 2010 and went through a couple of their programs. I improved stamina for sure and if you put a box in front of me I was DAMN good and stepping up on it and back down. I'd have to look at my workout journals better but I don't remember really breaking any lifting PRs.

There was a short embarrassing stint with some Tacfit stuff someone talked me into trying...I'll leave that alone.

In around January 2015 I started checking out the SOFLETE stuff on FB. It looked interesting and one thing stood out...I had always thought I didn't really need to be THAT strong...their idea that they wanted teammates that could pick an injured member up and carry them in kit seemed unrealistic to my work environment. Then I realized I work in remote areas most days, solo or in small groups...and there was no way I could plus up and carry someone even to cover out in that country. Also, what did I have to lose by getting stronger?

I was finishing up the rob shaul swimming program (challenged myself as I was a terrible swimmer) and decided to jump into the juggernaut program with SOFLETE in March 2015.

Now I don't have my log from that program. My kids repurposed the paper it was printed on, so I don't have my initial maxes. That said, starting the 5th cycle with them, with one injury (non training related) in the middle that lost me some ground, and so far I've added 70# to my back squat, 55# to my front squat. My deadlift is up 125# and I finally managed to push my bench press up over body weight (even though I gained 15#s) and passed 200#. I've always been really weak on bench and weighed 165 when I started. I'm now 180 and my last bench pushed me up to 210.

At over 40 i just managed to run my first sub 7 minute mile (6:56) and seem to have strengthened around a nagging ac joint sprain so that I can now put heavy weight overhead safely and improve on it.

Another plus is I've notice a huge improvement in mental toughness...as in, I am disciplined enough again to get up at 5am and workout every morning. I'm less sore with all the pre and post workout work, so I'm not worried about not being able to do anything physical at work because I can't walk down stairs, etc.

At $25 a month it's not bad and way better programming than any of their free stuff. Not trying to shill and I don't get anything for saying all this. I'm just happy with the improvements. If you're looking for something challenging and that seems to actually work, check them out.
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Old 22 December 2016, 14:35
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I've always liked their stuff, I took a gander at it from TrainHeroic as they put their programming there as well. Seems to be well thought out and similar to what I programmed when I was writing programming for a couple of previous clients (FBI HRT).

Glad you've seen some improvement from it! I'd recommend it to anyone in my line of work.
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Old 5 January 2017, 09:18
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SOFLETE has some very knowledgeable people doing their programming and those same people put out a ton of excellent info in the SOFLETE Team Room.
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Old 5 January 2017, 09:26
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I'm not a proponent of any one system but believe that folks should try things that work them.

SOFLETE is working for you. Congrats!
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Old 5 January 2017, 10:29
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We have a BTDT here who is one of their coaches.

I tried it for a month but it wasn't a good fit for me.
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Old 5 January 2017, 12:56
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My experience:

I was a big Mil Athlete guys but was getting bored so I went to SOFLETE stamina. The things I didn't like:
-Train Heroic is a shitty app IMO
-I've never heard of some of the excersies before and they are hard to find. Mil athe has them posted.
-The works out are the only time I counldnt complete a full workout. The volume was insane.
-The workouts aren't scaled. 225 DL x20 without putting it down x5 is a 45 min workout in and of itself, then there's everything else.
What I did like:
-prehab and posthab. Never felt better.
-Some of the new exercises were fun. Throwing a 90 lb get up bag for ¼ mile.
-Cardio volume. One one hour session of whatever you want twice a week included in the workout. I would have to add this to Robs stuff.

In the end I injured myself (due to the volume) and was forced to stop. I do agree that the guys are very knowledgeable and I like it, but in the end I went back to Rob's programming, which is greatly improved. If Rob had the prehab like SOFLETE that would be awesome. IMO I would rather add my own stuff to Rob's programming than not be able to do more with SOFLETE. Not to mention that if you pay for the monthly with Rob he has about 30+ programs you can get with your subscription. I left Mil Ath because it had become stale but I think his refresh is much improved. My $.02
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Old 5 January 2017, 17:38
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HotMess, I too for tired of rob's stuff. It's entirely possible I'd see great results if I went back, thinking some of the mental stuff and overall development would carry over. I mean, I'm not the same person I was when I did that stuff. That said, I finally feel like I'm approaching 'average' on their strength team. I hit the deadlift standard this week, and I am pretty damn close to the 2000M row standard. I haven't done the stamina team though.

As for scaling, I pay super close attention to not only my maxes but also how much volume I've been doing and how I feel any particular day. If I can't do the rx weight or movement I sub or just don't do it. I can't afford to be out or injured at the moment.

Good info though, and glad Shaul's stuff works for you so well. He was always a super nice guy when I'd email with questions.
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