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Old 14 October 2016, 22:23
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Been getting worse and worse every year for me. My doc said to pick a window of 2 months starting just before symptoms and start taking Flonase every day with an antihistamine before an onset.
I usually get sinus/allergy problems and it spreads down lower to chest/lungs. I'm going on 6 weeks of this stuff this year, just like every year.
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Old 15 October 2016, 03:27
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Can't take antihistimine, as knocks me out. Worse than Tequila.

Went to see a doc this year and got tested for a spectrum of allergens. Turns out to be 4 different plants, but mostly Olive trees (not local to Phoenix, but transplanted to golf courses, etc.) He gave me a cortizone shot that helped most of the season.

Other shit I do:

1. Nasal rinse/small neti-pot (like 4-6oz) of cold bottled water w/2drops nasal spray mixed (not everyday, about 3/wk). Effective with a lot less (couple drops) nasal spray medication. Sometimes saline water. (ocean brand) Yup, that's through both sinuses. Not for pussies, but a miracle. Even keeps my eyes from itching!
I shit you not.

2. Local honey/peppermint extract...spoonfull with hot coffee. Every morning. First cup. Opens sinuses first thing, and cuts out drip/cough.

3. Hot Water/Green tea/hot liquid of some type - with lemon peel (several). Something in the lemon peel is a natural antihistamine, non-drowsy. All day. Everyday. Can drink cold once the hot water has dissolved some of the lemon peel...damn good, but unsweet.

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