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Old 19 March 2017, 01:06
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Freelance Writing Gigs

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Had a link that came across my Twitter feed today (from a person I trust) that I thought to share here. It's a list of websites that will pay for content, including Duffleblog, among others. The main reason I thought to share it here is the number of travel sites that are looking for content. I know many members here travel a lot, and could probably put together a few articles here and there.

I've got no connection to the listing site or any of the sites listed. Just thought some here might be interested and could use some extra scratch. These are not get-rich-quick gigs, from what I could see. Most pay $50 - 500 or so, depending on how much you write. Each site will have their own requirements. But I've seen some high-quality writing here, and some of you guys make a little on the side, given some of your experiences.

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