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Old 11 September 2017, 09:09
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Comrade Detective

If you want to watch a good show made from old Soviet Propaganda, there is a show on Amazon called "Comrade Detective".

It is an old mini-series that aired in Romania back in the 1980s, and as explained by the people that were involved with bringing the show to the West (Channing Tatum and some dude who looks like Trotsky), it was a signature piece of anti-West propaganda similar to "our propaganda" of shows like Red Dawn and Rocky IV. They thought it lost, but scoured Eastern Europe to find it and had it re-dubbed.

Loosely speaking, it is a buddy-cop show starring a Dirty Harry-esque detective along with his by-the-book-yet-still-competent partner from the countryside that is in the search for the killer of "Dirty Harry's" partner. A killer who is some sort of "American Capitalist". The anti-US propaganda is so thick it's hilarious and at times almost seems to transform the show into satirical comedy. The way the West is portrayed is ridiculous. You have to see it to believe it. From "Jordackey" aka Jordache jeans. To Pepsi. To Reagan. To how they portray Christianity and even the game Monopoly.

Anyway, I swear it really still is a good show even if a bit over the top with the propaganda such as how a "good communist" behaves, the quotes of Marx, what a good communist wife is, how over-the-top obscene and in love with money the west is, etc ---- which actually makes the show even more interesting, IMO.

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