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Old 9 June 2015, 09:08
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International anti-poaching foundation

Does anybody have any info regarding the IAPF and/or it's main dude Damian Mander. He appears to be some sort of ex-dude from Australia now working in Southern Africa.
Good feedback. Bad feedback. Poser/non-poser feedback. Anything.
I'm considering a possible working relationship. Both online and word of mouth credentials appear to be outstanding but the skeptic in me is concerned that maybe the blurb is too good to be true
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Old 9 June 2015, 10:40
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I'm sorry I cannot contribute meaningful new info on Mr. Mander, other than to post this 12 minute Ted talk I came across, but as someone who spent a career involved in wildlife conservation work, including almost two years working undercover in India putting away poachers of the most despicable ilk until my face became too well known to continue, this gentleman seems to at least have his heart in the right place. My time in Zimbabwe working with one of the legends of conservation, Viv Wilson, left me with some of the same indellible memories/scars that Mr. mander speaks of.
Again, obviously I can't vouch for his military credentials, but given the opportunity to work alongside him in his new "mission", I wouldn't hesitate to offer my skills and experiences (and may).

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Old 19 June 2015, 07:17
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Strong speech. It hits home. But I find myself in the same shoes as he...I am programmed to "seek and destroy". Upon retirement from the service I sought after jobs that would keep me in my known skillset. That's how I'm wired. When I heard about this mission several months ago I thought "How awesome would this be?" But who wouldn't be in it just to stay in their skillset compared to those that actually have a desire to do the right thing? I doubt I'd have the urge to cut meat from my diet. I also doubt I could do this job without perfectly understanding the compensation. Unlike him (at the time of his decision), I have bills to pay and kids to feed, clothe and house. I have always held poachers in a secret place in my heart because I have always thought they were horrible people and that's why I feel I'd be a perfect fit for this mission. I just don't know if I could commit at this point.
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Old 2 July 2016, 09:08
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a different POC in this article http://www.smithsonianmag.com/scienc...ndo-180959071/
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