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Old 20 January 2016, 23:20
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Anyone have experience with or knowledge of this company www.soc-usa.com ? I've seen some oconus static security job listings from them that I seem qualified for, but there is very little information about location or pay, and it's not a company I have heard of before.
Old 20 January 2016, 23:23
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Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me

You might want to use the "search" function...

Probably not a fly by night security company...
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Old 20 January 2016, 23:29
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Nope...not a real company.

Also, hate to burst your bubble...but you're not qualified.
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Old 21 January 2016, 00:07
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Lots of guys here have lots of experience and knowledge of SOC. In fact, some of their recruiters that are on this forum are most likely reading this and laughing right now. Based on your info, your resume should be easy for them to single out. That was the cherry-est post I've seen in a while, don't do it again if you want to stay.

I'll spare the harshness and just direct you to do lots more reasearch before posting again, read the forum, then bring your questions that you have extensively searched every word of in here and that little place called Google.
Old 21 January 2016, 07:53
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I'm friends with their director of business development, so I could probably help you, but won't.

For future reference, any PMC of any kind of renown will certainly have either representation here and/or members who know the leadership there.

So, unless the company name is BigDicksBiggerGuns.com probably err on the side of caution.
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19 Oct 2017
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