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Old 9 October 2008, 16:31
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37F Reserve -> AD. Few questions for you fine sirs.

I has a few questions for anyone who would know about switching to the AD side of PSYOP, coming out of the Reserves.

Now I'm not PLANNING on going AD right out of AIT, so I understand things might change, but as of now, what would I need to do in-order-to get into AD?

My unit's a pretty Hoo-ah unit, 346th PSYOP Co (A), so I'm sure I won't come across any issues Unit side.

Just looking for thoughts and advice here.
And if I overlooked an article or conversation about this, feel free to smoke me and tell me to go look harder.

Thanks in advanced!

You do not even know the name of your own unit? DROP DROP DROP

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Old 9 October 2008, 18:24
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get a language and Airborne to make the transmission smoother
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Old 9 October 2008, 19:40
Ryokeen Ryokeen is offline
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Roger that.
My unit is ABN, so that's in the plans anyway.
Thanks for the info!
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Old 9 October 2008, 22:43
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AD PSYOP is going through some "modifications" at this time. I would stay away for a while.
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Old 10 October 2008, 11:04
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You are correct, this issue has been addressed before.

My position was, is, and always will be: You signed a contract to be a member of the USAR, specifically the 346th PSYOP Co (Airborne). The manpower projections, school slots, funds to train you came from the USAR side of the house.

There is a Detachment Sergeant and TPT Sergeant waiting on you to fill a slot. There is also somebody who has already been to the sand box at least once who is looking forward to a break while you take your turn on the line.

There is an entire unit waiting on your arrival so they can pick your brains for the latest from the school house regarding doctrine and equipment changes.

Be a man of your word and fulfill your end of the deal before you go running around looking for greener grass.
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Old 11 October 2008, 03:27
theBilldoman theBilldoman is offline
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I agree with TPD 1280.

That being said, if you are from the 346 the first thing you must do to go anywhere is to renounce any allegiance to any Ohio team: OSU, the Browns, the Bengals, the Indians, etc..., because they all suck.

Seriously though, get your head on straight, graduate AIT, go back to Columbus and deploy at least once with 2nd POG, and then figure out what you want to do with your life (the way things are going now you won't have to wait long). If it is still your goal then go for it (I speak from experience young Padawan).

Thanks for joining up and learn all you can. You have some really experienced leaders both at SWCS and at the 346th to learn from. Make the most of it and no matter your choice come out of it a better PSYOPper.

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Old 11 October 2008, 15:17
Ryokeen Ryokeen is offline
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Thumbs up

Thank you all for your answers!
And as far as the unit name goes. I swear, I know it. I honestly believe I might have slight dislexia. But even so, I should have read over it again, just to make sure. It IS my soon to be Unit.
So I'm dropping, as suggested.

Thanks for the advice, it's sound and I'll absorb it into my sometimes thick noggin.

As far as renouncing the teams, I hope you were serious... because I'm not a big fan of any of them. If not, I guess I'll find out in a few months, huh?

TPD1280, thanks for the correction.
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