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Old 10 March 2009, 01:56
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Cultural Competence in the Military

Debate over the Human Terrain System aside, the following article discusses key points of military cultural competence (ref: 'Addressing the Capability Gap' section), that have emerged over the past decade.

"All Our Eggs in a Broken Basket: How the Human Terrain System is Undermining Sustainable Military Cultural Competence", Military Review, March-April 2009.
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Old 10 March 2009, 06:22
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Good article. The author is correct in his assertion that we (DoD) already had the capability in the form of FAOs, CA and PSYOP to assist the staffs. Why we needed HTS is amusing to say the least.

Somebody made some money off of it. HTS has not really brought anything new to the table that did not already exist. 4th POG Strategic Studies Program has been around for decades that I know of.

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Old 17 March 2009, 11:40
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I was at a pre-deployment briefing when a MG (USACAPOC CDR) declared the HTS would be the "wave of the future." I told the guy next to me, "the only wave it'll be part of is the 'crashing and burning' kind."

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Old 20 April 2009, 11:24
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Sorry for the necropost, I must have had my head up my 4th point of contact when this discussion came about. I will have to read the article, but I have had the amazing opportunity to witness the work of HTT first hand... He was a great guy (now redeployed CONUS), but even he will admit that he was making out like a bandit, conducting a function we CA guys already cover. We did send stuff up the chain to his analyst, but never saw anything come of it. The main issue I saw with the program is that they put him, a lone civilian, on an undermanned FOB, with no fire support, supervision, or even a battle buddy. If it wasn't for the willingness of my team to work with him, he might never have left the wire, seen any sort of report regarding the human terrain, and would have been totally forgotten about. There are surely many other issues out there, but this was a big one I witnessed first hand. All those great ideas about HTS should be broken down and implemented in CA, PSYOP, IO, etc. in a wartime environment. We are in a contingency phase of the operations, but we still need huge armored vehicles to go anywhere and it is not safe for a lone DoD employee who is focused on a subject such as human terrain to wander about in a civilian vehicle without some sort of low pro armed escort, ECM, commo, etc.
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Old 22 April 2009, 18:18
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Hey I think HTT is great, if your a former Psyoper with an Anthro Degree tired of making 8 bucks an hour being Joseph Brant to Upstate NY schoolkids. If it had only come around prior to my getting deeper into Small Arms repair I would have jumped all over it.

But how many folks going to school inbetween deployments in POG are taking anthro or ethnohistory classes? Most were doing marketing and business classes.......
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