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Old 3 January 2019, 23:33
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Found this last night on Netflix. Russian with English subtitles. Iím two episodes in and it hasnít put me to sleep yet.

Traces the life and political career of Leon Trotsky in flashback format via an interview with a Stalinist journalist after Trotskyís exile. Full frontal nudity of the hot love interest in the first 10 minutes.

It portrays Trotskyís interactions with key revolutionaries. Lenin (thus far) is depicted as a bully and a weasel who Trotsky has to appease in order to get face time with the socialist circles in Paris. Another person (financier) supports the socialists because he wants to make money off the revolution. Trotsky is self-depicted as the reluctant monster who is forced by necessity to be brutal because thatís all the Russians understand.
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Old 4 January 2019, 14:52
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I enjoyed this series and wondered " what if " Trotsky survived and Stalin didnt.
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