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Old 19 August 2009, 06:41
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RFI Basra AO

Anyone operating in the Basra AO with any info on the base there. I'd appreciate all points of view Defac, PX. New mission starting down there and myself and one of my Teammates are thinking abt transferring that way. We currently live o/s the wire in a teamhouse partly dry. And get back to the FOB abt every 4 to 6 weeks. Getting a little old to living squadbay style.

Thanks for any info.
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Old 21 August 2009, 10:21
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I was at Basrah Air Station (Camp Charlie) from July '08 to April '09, I will try to answer any questions for you. I can tell you there are no CHU's wet or dry, they are scaling down the place quite a bit. Decent gym, DFAC and PX. Most accomodations are connecting tents with decent latrines inside (no walking outside). I got out of there and am now at Bucca and thank the contractor-God for allowing me to be here for the next 10 months.
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Old 22 August 2009, 15:16
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I'm on the Basra COB right now, PM me for what you need to know, I am not on the WPPS program though, and these guys all live in another part of the base.
There is a decent gym there, infact there's a couple, some are unit restricted though, there's supposed to be a huge new PX opening within 2 months....the one they have the now is shite, and is poorly stocked
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Old 24 August 2009, 01:36
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Thanks all for the replies. No need for anymore there's not going to be a Team sent there.
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