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Old 4 February 2019, 21:39
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Originally Posted by Chimo View Post
So is there going to be an ESports badge? Maybe a gaming controller with wings?
You're just jealous they didn't have a Midget throwing badge when you were on that team.
Steel Rain Brings The Pain!
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Old 4 February 2019, 21:43
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Originally Posted by GPC View Post
You're just jealous they didn't have a Midget throwing badge when you were on that team.
Itís ok, you stuck the landings!
Originally Posted by Gsniper View Post
I'd shoot a chipmunk if it kicked my door in wearing a ski mask.
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Old 5 February 2019, 16:01
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Originally Posted by btq96r View Post
The Army can suck the fun out of any activity if given enough latitude. This will be no different in the end.
I'm imagining hours of maintenance and drills.

"You think that's a clean console, Private??!! I used to break down and clean my Nintendo in half that time with no YouTube videos to help!"

Waiting on the flight line for 8 hours to catch a C-130 to CES.
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