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Old 14 August 2017, 21:01
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Just a Sailor

The sound of tires locked and spraying gravel this weekend had me laughing at myself about a similar event a few years ago and called to mind this book. Couldn't find it listed in the reviews, although a few of you know the author from his time in uniform or from his work with SEAL fraud investigation. There are also some references here when folks have asked about combat or underwater photography.

I've never knowingly met Mr. Waterman, although it's likely we've crossed paths locally. Did work with his daughter Sarah for a year, and somewhere along the line she mentioned his book which I bought, read and thoroughly enjoyed, but since have managed to misplace or loan out.
Really, really good storytelling, covers in detail (he's got great recall for names and places) an arc from mid-coast Maine kid to UDT in VN to salvage work. Funny, self-deprecating, smart-assed - all the redeeming qualities! Need to get myself another copy, but thought this group might appreciate something a little different to read as well.

As to the tire/gravel thing: working with Sarah was a riot. Very smart kid, bust-a-gut funny but restless, easily bored. Kind of wild as a youngster, apparently. She left that job after I did, went to do some stuff in AK, and then found her way to HI paddling outriggers and surfskis and whatnot.
Oh, and an Amazon; came home to visit one winter and took a swim lap across the harbor here.
In March.

So I hadn't run into her for a few years. Mid-summer I'm out doing yard work and I hear brakes locking, a controlled slid onto the shoulder - barely paying attention since our intersection gets a fair bit of that. However, I quickly realize the driver has hurdled out of the car and is incoming, direct bearing, at full sprint and making an unintelligible and somewhat threatening noise.
Which turns out to be my name, although it took several seconds to sink in.
In the meantime I'm going into defensive mode, as this person has close to 60# on me (did I mention Amazon?; and she'd been paddling friggin' war canoes) and is clearly deranged or juiced to the gills. I recall reaching for a non-existing pistol and then committing to a crouch in hopes of working this steamrolled momentum into a trip or throw. And not liking my chances.

Worked out in the end, got a big bearhug and a chance to catch up. May have lost a few years in that couple seconds, though; may have pissed myself a little.

Anyway, good book, gotta be a good guy based on his daughters (another was a LEO locally for a bit). And at one point his website featured an emoji giving a bare-ass moon when you clicked for his resume - ha!
Buy it, I suspect you'll like it.

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