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Old 5 June 2002, 16:58
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El Salvador

Been there.

Can't say I did anything high speed. Pretty routine nothing special.

I think most people don't realize that we won. Sad that after we left it turned into a real shit hole. The Army soldiers and gurilla's found them selves unemployeed. So they reverted back to what they did before. Crime.

I am glad we let a lot of the locals emigrate to the U.S. I met a lot of them here in L.A. when I was a Repo man. I would let them slide.

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Old 5 June 2002, 18:39
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Good call. Wimberlin and Darcsolitus are one in the same (according to their IP addresses). I've put a perm.ban on the IP.
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Old 2 February 2019, 14:07
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Nice video of the memorial dedication at Arlington National Cemetery regarding the campaign in El Salvador.

The memorial, a granite marker as shown in the vid and now very grown White Oak tree is in Section 12, on the right, just off the street. LTC David Pickett, KIA in 1989, is buried on the other side of the street. His grave overlooks our memorial.

Interesting note - we were successful in seeing Pickett's family receive several posthumous awards/decorations to include the POW medal.

Continued thanks and appreciation to MG (ret) Ken Bowra for submitting the original awards package, after the AFEM was secured, no less than three times until the Army did the hard right over the easy wrong.

Roughly 100 CIBs and about 12, perhaps 14, CMBs have been approved to date for Special Forces advisers who served in ES from between 1981 and 1991.
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Old 3 February 2019, 21:05
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'The Old Guy' is an El Sal vet- he lives and works at Benning...
Shallow men believe in luck; strong men believe in cause and effect
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Old 6 February 2019, 21:26
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I'm an El Sal vet and don't give what's the question!!??!!
"Life gives the examination today, then teaches the lesson tomorrow....chance favors the prepared mind!!!!"
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Old 7 February 2019, 00:18
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Originally Posted by IMUA View Post
I'm an El Sal vet and don't give what's the question!!??!!
There wasn't one. Thread author was "just curious".
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