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Originally Posted by 10thvet View Post
Havenít seen this one posted here.

Am not familiar with the guy who is accused but this heifer pisses me off with this #MeToo shit allegation.

You go out with a man youíve only talked to once or twice and on the first date go back to his place then if you have half a brain you KNOW heís gonna put the moves on you & try to seduce you.

She seemed more pissed that he only offered her white wine. She couldíve walked out at any time.

Get over yourself & donít try for your 15 minutes. If you canít handle this type behavior then donít go home with guys on a first date.

Seduction (even if awkward) does NOT equal sexual assault. This type shit makes my head want to explode because stupid shit like this invalidates women who have actually been sexually assaulted and extremely harassed.
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Wow. Agrees to dinner, agrees to go back to his place, they go down on each other, do the deed, then she gets buyers remorse the next day. He apologizes. WTF. If a woman getting buyer's remorse post sex was illegal I'd be doing a life sentence without parole.
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