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Old 29 January 2015, 11:22
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Rest in Peace, Marine.

Sorry for your loss, CG.

Semper Fi
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
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Old 29 January 2015, 14:43
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RIP Marine. Sorry for your loss CG.
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast...
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Old 29 January 2015, 15:31
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Here is the site to contribute to the support of his family. He had four children at home.


Thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers for his family.
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Old 29 January 2015, 15:39
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RIP Dave
Be nice to everyone you meet...but always have a plan to kill them.
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Old 29 January 2015, 18:43
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RIP Marine, and thank you for your service.
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Old 31 January 2015, 02:20
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RIP Marine.
Semper Fi
Rain? We call that GOOD Infantry weather..

-Gunstore Commando-
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Old 4 February 2015, 13:42
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Rest In Peace.
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Old 4 February 2015, 23:03
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RIP Marine and may God comfort your family.
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Old 5 February 2015, 17:32
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RIP Marine
"Somewhere, theres a skeleton, a book sack and a log with a fat girls signature " Jumpcut

" a world class ass-clown who is running this jack-assery version of laser tag" USMC_ANGLICO
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