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Old 28 September 2016, 09:03
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Originally Posted by Five-O View Post
Wow!...aren't we awfully judgey this morning. :big grin:

Yeah these two need to go away. I am 100% confident investigators are also going over every official contact these two mopes have had with female citizens from traffic tickets to arrests. Although its possible...these two likely just didn't didn't decide to do this one night.
My guess is that it wasn't a one-time deal with these chicks. Probably happened a few times and the females realized they could score big.

I'm not blaming the victims or anything like that, but I believe the article said they were leaving a strip club...did they work there? Strippers aren't exactly dumb when it comes to fleecing men out of money.

Regardless, those fuckers should pay big-time (civilly and criminally).
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Old 28 September 2016, 14:25
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This thread sucks and an embarrassment. It's now closed forever.

All future discussion about possible police misconduct or serious questions around police actions will require a thread started on the exact subject and kept on subject.

Petty little issues posted will be deleted and if a pattern appears that someone is doing so repeatedly, that person will be launched in a heartbeat.
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