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Exclamation **Episodic DIRECT ACTION Instructor; SECRET clearance; $70K – $105K; Camp Lejeune, NC

SB Approved

Location: Camp Lejeune, NC
Salary: $70,000 – $105,000
Start date: Approx February or March 2018

Period of performance: 1 yr+ 2 option

Security Clearance: SECRET

Job Description:

The contractor shall provide (1) Combatives instructor to augment Government / SOTC-2/ instructor cadre training requirements. The contractor shall be capable of instructing and supervising all aspects of Combatives (SOCP and MCMAP) in addition to assisting with the instruction of DA within the Individual Training Course (ITC) Phase 2, MARSOF Master Assaulters Course (MMAC) and MARSOF Support Training Course (STC). The contractor shall ensure that all personnel are fully qualified and that Instructors are abreast of current Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) related to Combatives tasks. Contracted personnel shall assist in the duties, functions and collateral task associated with being a Direct Action Instructor, to include assisting in: maintaining course Master Lesson Files; developing course schedules; classroom and range preparation; and course logistics.


** Make sure to address each of these in your application or resume as it relates to your direct experience or it will be kicked back for you to do it again**

8 years of military enlisted experience
6 years instructing Army/Marine Combatives Program
5 years Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor (SOCP)
Must have instructed combatives at a formal military school for a
minimum of 3 years
Must be certified as SOCP Instructor / be able to certify students to
SOCP Level I (40 hr POI)
Capable of certifying SOCP Level II students (80 hr POI)
Subject matter expert in ground fighting, focusing in body control and
submission grappling, hand-to-hand and other mixed martial arts or
combative techniques, to include at a minimum, punches, kicks, joint
locks/chokes, takedowns, standing/ground grappling and using leverage,
distance and balance to gain advantage over and defeat an
Experience training hybrid techniques from more than one 1 martial arts
Current verifiable certification in the following: Brown Belt in
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu/Muay Thai/MCMAP/ MACP instructor qualification
Must be in good physical condition to participate in and conduct
combatives training.
Formal School Instructor Course (FSIC) or equivalent
Capable of instructing Combat Marksmanship and Close Quarters Battle
Possess Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Capable to wear organizational Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
for extended durations of time throughout training days
State driver’s license
Secret Clearance on day one of contract execution
Certified as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) Instructor
The client’s resume template is below. We need to insure that this is done in this format prior to submitting for final approval.

Please cut and paste your information into the format below.

Proposed Position Title:

Name of Individual:

Position Crosswalk
SOW Requirement Individual Qualifications

Each citation shall include name/title of degree/certification, year achieved/awarded, and institution issued from/awarded by

Work History
Each citation shall be laid out as follows. The description section shall cover all actions proposed to meet SOW requirements, and should link back to the Individual Qualifications identified in Section 1.

Title of Position Held Location/Unit/Company Dates Assigned
Description of Position Duties/Required Occupational Skills
4. Accomplishments/Awards (OPTIONAL)

Apply here: (applications take priority) or send resume to Ian at

(READ THIS CAREFULLY–>>) *** Address each bullet above in Required Skills/Qualification on application OR resume or it will not be considered*** This a mandatory Government requirement
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