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Old 30 January 2019, 21:04
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Canada's PX

Asking for a friend

If you work in Canada on a contract, can you use your CAC card to use the Canadian equivalent of AAFES and PX system?

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Old 30 January 2019, 22:20
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Last year, CFB Greenwood in NS let me buy stuff in the PX after I showed them my retired USMC ID card. I don't know if that's official or not. I only bought a couple of t-shirts and a coffee cup, so their answer might have been different if I were buying a TV or HiFi...
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Old 30 January 2019, 22:37
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What would a Canadian PX have cheaper then a US PX and that is not available in the US PX? Or are you guys in the market for Tim Hortons, Molson, Labatts, Moose Head and Poutine?


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Old 30 January 2019, 22:51
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they let us buy in there no hassles in '95. but we were in uniform.
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Old 31 January 2019, 18:21
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The contracting rep handling the contract should be able to provide the provision - if authorized. And if it is, I suggest he keep a copy of the contract provision with him in case the ID card Nazis are at the point of entry.

I've been away from these issues for over 2 decades. My recollection is that Canada is part of the NATO SOFA and reciprocity applies for use of some facilities (i.e. exchanges). Following the link you provided, The Canadian "AAFES" web site says this:

“Members of foreign military currently serving with the CAF and their families”

I suspect, that the contract includes a provision as to what on base facilities the contractors have access/use of. Normally, they do allow visiting contractors (with SOFA status) to use the facilities.

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