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Old 19 April 2017, 21:36
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Scoped of Practice for PSS Medics

Good evening to all,

I'm curious and this crowd on here might be able to satisfy that curiosity.

Question: What is the generally accepted scope of practice for the PSS medics? Specifically the AEMT. Is it strictly the textbook type of Scope? Or is it expanded depending on what the local medical authority determines?

I ask because 1. when I was a Corpsman the scope of practice was "flexible" in the sense that I was able to perform minor surgical procedures like I&D abscesses, suture wounds, reduce certain joint dislocations, administer vaccines, draw blood etc. 2. If the scope is expanded, I would love to be familiar with those expanded skills because I am about to be processed for employment by one of the main name contractors as a PSS/AEMT.

Thanks ahead of time and be safe,

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Old 20 April 2017, 00:05
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Lack of a true scope of practice on all US Gov contract programs used to be a big issue (in my eyes at least). I worked on writing manuals/guidelines to close the gap on certain programs.

DoS has come a long way regarding scope of practice and medical direction. Helps that the field of companies has been heavily narrowed. Underlying intent is that medics practice within the guidelines of the national scope of practice model in accordance with their certification level. That being said, the major companies now have (some always have) a real Medical Director and then often some PA oversight. As such, scope could vary some from company to company.

Overall, trauma is trauma. Pretty straight forward for all intents and purposes during acute care phase. AEMT knowledge is pretty sufficient in this area.

You'll see that there have been changes to the position descriptions in WPS that now specifically call for Paramedics in certain roles. What history has shown is that most of the time the medics wind up dealing with medical complaints, whether acute or chronic, and Paramedics tend to bring more knowledge in this area as compared to EMT/AEMT due to the training pipeline (yes I know this blanket statement does not take in to account advanced levels of military training such as SOCM and 18D).

Bottom line is you need to know your trauma backwards and forwards and the interventions must come as second nature, and on top of that, regardless of skill level, you need to study the medical side (with a pretty good focus on primary care and acute coronary syndromes).
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Old 20 April 2017, 22:12
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Could you elaborate on the emphasis for needing to be well versed in ACS type complaints? It's interesting to hear that there would need to be an emphasis on medical cardiac complaints in theatre, so just curious on the rationale behind it.
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Old 21 April 2017, 04:04
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There are a lot of government employees and clients that are not in the best of health. I have seen people that would need a forklift to get them off the X. Plus, there is also the age factor.
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Old 22 April 2017, 14:07
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Thank you O Pos. That's exactly the type of info I was searching for, but couldn't really find anywhere.
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