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Old 31 July 2019, 18:08
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any 25series SF support dudes on here?

I recently got a conditional release form approved and will be joining with the 19th SFG(A) very soon as either a 35P, or 25C dependent on my ability to get the required clearance for 35 series gigs.

How is life for the 25 series SF support guy? what unit level can they be assigned to, school opportunities, deployments, etc?

I was a 0651(now 0671) in the Marines. worked with the MRF, and I have an understand of how the 06 field(communications) works on the MARSOC support side of the house, but am clueless about the SF support side.
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Old 1 August 2019, 07:48
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I can only speak about AD at Bragg, in stating that it's significantly better than being at Division or a Corps tenant unit. I would jump all over the opportunity without hesitation.
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