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Old 21 October 2019, 08:15
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Originally Posted by GPC View Post
IJN Kaga has been found 17,000 ft under the waves.
Damn, that's a long way underwater...
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Old 21 October 2019, 12:13
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They found another of the Japanese carriers sunk at Midway, but haven't figured out yet whether it is Akagi or Soryu.
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Old 21 October 2019, 13:21
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They identified the second wreck as Akagi.
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Old 21 October 2019, 15:09
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One of the vessels they found back in May was the USS St Lo. She was part of Taffy 3, a task force of 6 escort carriers, 3 DDs, and 4 DDEs. They were attacked by a Japanese fleet that included IJN Yamato, three other battleships, 8 cruisers and a dozen destroyers in the Battle of Samar.

Really cool story by a sailor who survived the sinking of the St Lo here:
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Old 21 October 2019, 15:46
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Originally Posted by Expatmedic View Post
Is it me or do the door latches in this picture look pristine and or very different than the rest of the hull?

Your thoughts?
Looking at the photo an running it thru a couple of photo programs. It is my thinking that the Door was closed an opened by who or something. Why I state this is look at the image of a door being closed for so long an opened the imprint of the door , just my 1 cent thinking

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Old 24 October 2019, 16:45
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Regarding the door - the dogs are likely a different metal such as Bronze that withstands saltwater a lot better than steel and paint.
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