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Old 26 January 2010, 21:32
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Thanks for posting this B 2/75. It is one for the books. I'm glad to see it was made a sticky.
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Old 27 January 2010, 10:52
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Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
Yup, we probably went through as much 550 cord as we did ammo. We tied down our helmet straps with a half hitch for fuck sakes. And in a Regimental formation you could have hauled an E-1 from 1st Batt, an E6 from 3rd Batt and a E9 from 2nd Batt front and center...

....and their LBE would have had the exact same tie down knots in the exact same places.

Different world.
You bring back memories. You could pull one of us staff O's center and find the same tie down knots. I still remember staying up all night securing gear to Regimental standards while going thru ROP. My NCO chewing me out because his officer wasn't going to get out there until he (I) was squared away ... and those blisters, raw spots on my lower back, and missing toe nails after Friday morning road marches.

Old 27 January 2010, 16:33
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This thread made my shoulders sore.
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Old 28 January 2010, 11:23
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Most of those metal clips could have been replaced with just 550 cord...and repaired with same if needed. But the gheyness of the regulation that prevented "modifying of govt equipment" reared it's ugly head. That is an awesome post however. 90 gunner and 11C secondary...thanks for carrying our rounds beotches!

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Old 28 January 2010, 12:30
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March or die! Great post, lot's of memories and lot's of scars.

Old 28 January 2010, 17:23
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What a great post.

I remember the road marches and boy o' boy, how they hurt.

Always enjoyed the "ruck sack flop" during the breaks.
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