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Old 30 October 2017, 14:36
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Nine years ago I had my L3-L4 fused with 2 screws in each vertebra (titanium rods installed to provide stabilization) due to an injury that I had put up with for years. ( I couldn't sneeze our get out of the bed in the morning unless I bent my right leg up and brought my knee to my chest and rolled out of bed).

I have a chronic condition in ALL my cervical vertebra (lots of pinched nerves/numbness in the arm/fingers from sports back in the day) which now puts a lot of stress on my T- vertebra (my neck actual curves the wrong way and the thoracic compensates for the Cerv and Lumbar verts problems).

I was seeing a chiro 3x a week regularly, but I came to the realization that I and I alone have to work on my spine EVERYDAY in order to heal it as best I can. So like most of you, Iím conscious of my spine/feeling/alignment/movement from the moment I wake up in the morning.

I looked at all the traction devices on the market (inversion tables/neck traction straps/etc). I found that the best thing for me, was using a large exercise ball to roll back on. It's simple, inexpensive, easily stored and follows the curve of the spine.

I roll back and forth on the ball and do a series of exercises designed to stretch the spine using the curve of the ball. Iím able to Ďpopí the offending areaís back in line and increase rotational flexibility from my neck vertebra on down.

If I have to do this 20 times a day in order to get relief, I do it. (Eventually you donít have to do it as much, I'm around 2-5X per day now). You can hop on and do this in less than 30 seconds while the TV is going.

Chiroís will tell you that the body has to get used to the new alignment.

I figure that you have to constantly exercise and work on your spine's flexibility and alignment so that you donít become an old hunched over man with a hump in his back.
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