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Old 16 May 2018, 00:48
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Anon (Netflix)

...or what happens when Google Glasses are taken to their ultimate application. Every event a person views/experiences is recorded and is retrievable by law enforcement and can be shared with others. The tech allows for "enhanced reality" such as advertisements or graphical overlays on buildings.

Certain hackers specialize in erasing and re-creating events that people would rather forget/are incriminating. Unfortunately, a nasty side effect of the ability to erase events is the ability to alter a person's perception of reality in real time--like make the target see a hallway when the person is really about to walk into an open elevator shaft.

I was watching it to fall asleep, so I can't claim it was a nailbiter. But I will say that it made me think about the possible consequences of integrating a particular piece of technology into everyday life. And there's a couple hot lesbians in it.
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Old 16 May 2018, 07:21
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I have this on my list but haven't had the time to watch it--thanks for the review.
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Old 2 July 2018, 07:14
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Triple A rating if you’re looking for a digital sleeping aid.
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