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Old 8 August 2016, 15:17
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Originally Posted by mdavid View Post
imo the best fight is one that degrades their philosophy while allowing them to keep their core faith...similar to how sex, drugs and rock and roll have permeated western christianity to the point where you'll see short dresses and electric guitars at mega churchs.
IMO, cultural subversion won't work on them the way it has on us. Not at all. The main reason why is because our basic freedoms have been used as the vector/agent of our own destruction. The letter of the Constitution has been used to destroy the spirit of the Constitution. Islamic law does not allow that sort of phenomenon to exist. Islam doesn't have freedom , it literally is 'submission'. And you cannot change/modify the Koran.

Tangentially, we never had a culture in America that allowed for the wanton mass murder of 'apostasy' to Constitutional doctrine. Islam fully embraces that concept. It revels in it. Citizens and governments hunt down and will kill them systematically. America is/was a much softer target for that sort of ideological subversion and cultural annihilation. Islam far FAR less so.

With all due respect, I think you're still viewing Islamic religion and Arab culture with through the same lens that led to a 'secular' parallel existence between Christianity and Modern Western Civilization. I think a good way to describe it is that while Western Civilization and Christianity are fraternal twins, they can be separated from each other and live quite different lives..........Islam and Arab culture are conjoined twins that share everything and are inseparable. They cannot exist without the other. Hell, even cultures that are not historically "Arab" (e.g. Malaysia) still have the same exact problem (albeit to a lesser extent) with Jihadi bullshit.

Islam is not a 'religion' like Westerners think of it. It is an entire existence. An entire way of life. Religious, political, ideological, legal, familial, agricultural, economical, etc. It's everything. It would literally take countless centuries to try and change it the 'sneaky' way without violence. At it's current state, Western civilization doesn't have that kind of time.
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Westerners understand fuck-all about durka durka because they know nothing of their own history and especially their own religion. We're constantly beaten down any time nationalist/patriot thought becomes even remotely acceptable.

Islam is self reinforcing, even moreso as triumphalism reinforces itself as the West submits. S/F....Ken M
"If you remember nothing else about what Iím about to consider here, remember this: the one and only reason politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen want to take your weapons away from you is so that they can do things to you that they couldnít do if you still had your weapons."ó L. Neil Smith
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