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Old 11 September 2016, 16:37
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RIP Cass and SOTB
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RIP Warriors
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Old 11 September 2016, 17:36
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Rest in peace Brothers.....
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Old 11 September 2016, 18:31
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Old 11 September 2017, 20:41
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Rest in peace, assured that you are not forgotten.

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Old 12 September 2017, 10:23
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Old 2 November 2017, 20:36
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Originally Posted by eoddude View Post
Was this the incident where they went in and pretty much the whole building was an IED?
I was at the ISG. It led to many a late night discussion.

That sounds like the incident that took SSgt Vitagliano in Ramadi.
He was a scrolled and tabbed 75th NCO who if I remember right he volunteered to deploy with 1/503rd PIR from Korea to Iraq.

He was also Gulf War vet with the USMC from 1991.

There was a huge VBIED near a building during a cordon and search. It seemed like the whole building was wired up at first.

A soldier who survived said Sgt Vito pushed him away from vehicle and saved his life.

I apologize for stepping on your memorial and Blue Skies to your friend.
Sgt Kuhns and Spc Kinslow KIA June 13 2005 and Spc Martinez KIA March 20 2005 Ramadi Iraq. I rode with them I have no complaints.

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