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Old 16 September 2017, 20:18
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The State

It's been out in the UK for a few weeks and I watched it online with the movie server I use ( UK version has 4 episodes. I believe the US version coming out Monday is spread over 2 nights.

Great idea but a little short on reality. Worth watching.

Possible spoilers below---------

First, the brutality women are subject to (so I have heard) in ISIS-held Syria is dismissed. The only negative treatment women are shown getting is a stern talking to for not being covered up in public. ISIS soldiers from the field are given wives and their togetherness is a pathetic jump from reality.
Said soldier and new slave-wife are shown cuddling in what looks like a room meant from a prince, not a soldier from Africa. We're talking love story with king size bed and candles. The living conditions are like the Trump Tower compared to what I suspect it truly is. An American woman's purpose for being in Syria is never touched on, probably since it is a UK project. But she is a semi-major character. She's played to be a fat, white, southern doofus, almost like the secretary in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She is the only American woman. The other character is a doctor who decided to take her 10 yr old son and a pink roller bag in to a combat zone. If she were as serious as the show she claims her to be in the show, as a doctor she would have done much more research to discover that female doctors would be wasting their time there, especially single ones.

It's almost like it was created by, or meant to serve, ISIS men.
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