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Old 5 September 2018, 11:18
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Good morning all,
It has been countless years since I have posted on SOCNET but I'm hoping I might be able to find some supporting information via your expertise and this site. Long story short, my family has extremely close ties with a family who's father was Harold C Richards. Growing up, his son 'Steven Richards' would invite myself and my father to the East Coast UDT/SEAL Reunions every summer where we would join his father and his teammates and spend an incredible weekend with them and the community. I was fortunate enough to hear some incredible stories and meet some incredible individuals. Unfortunately, Steve lost his father some years back but to honor his father and the community, he supports them with aiding in the UDT/SEAL Scholarship program for the families and their children's education opportunities.

I won't bore you with my personal story but I ended up enlisting in the Navy and served from 04-2010. Before I departed, Steven gifted me his fathers green UDT fins which I still have today. I spent a little time floating around the seas as a OS/SAR Swimmer and luckily got picked up to perform technical/ISR related activities for, at the time, SA-1, but now referred to as SRT-1. An incredible experience to say the least with memories I will never forget!

To honor Steven and his father, I'm trying to piece together a shadowbox/display case in which I would like to insert the American flag that was flying across the pond on one of my deployments in the box, but I would also like to include his fathers UDT Fins. The last piece that I'm missing, is something that reflects his fathers Unit/Team. Unfortunately, I don't have any supporting information from his time in the Service, or even a picture. I don't want to ask Steven due to trying to keep this a surprise. I have searched the pipes of the Internet with his name and UDT tags but I'm striking out. I was recently on a work trip in FL and shot over to the UDT/SEAL museum to find something but struck out there as well. My hope is, if anyone happens to know, or knows someone who might know Had Richards, and can share any sites/pictures/Team details, I would be extremely grateful to say the least. Unfortunately, the only gentlemen that I remember from a decade ago was Rudy B who I believe served with Had during their UDT days.

This might be a shot in the dark but I believe this site and community is my best option. Thank you for your time and support. If I can provide any additional context about the Richards family, or myself, please yell.

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Old 5 September 2018, 15:09
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Okay, I have some info for you. EN2 Harold aka "Cadillac" aka "Had" C. Richards Jr, graduated from UDTR Class 007 on 01 June 1951 at Little Creek Va. UDTR was 16 weeks long and included Classes 001-041. He served in UDT-2 and UDT-21. It should not be too hard to find UDT-21 stuff (patches, pics, gear) on the internet as they were around until they were recommissioned as ST-4 in 1983. A well known SEAL that was in his class was James "Hoot" Andrews. I don't think he is around anymore though. You need to find the time-frame he was in UDT-21 as that is your best bet in finding his Team mates. Your next best bet is to contact the UDT/SEAL Association (the guys that run the reunions you went to) and put out feelers there. -----
1619 D Street, BLDG 5326, Virginia Beach, VA 23459


This site -- is a mess, but has a lot of pics. It might take days to sort through it all.
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Old 5 September 2018, 15:20
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Thank you Sir! I greatly appreciate the help and support. I now recall meeting Hoot many years ago at one of the reunions before his passing. I will start digging in collecting some items to reflect above and also poke around the site you listed.

Thanks again for the rapid support!

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